We offer a wide range of lessons.

From hacking to horse care, there’s something for everyone

All our new riders start with a 1:1 lesson during which we assess their individual needs, and recommend the best way forward.

Semi-private or small group lessons

Some riders may wish to share their lesson with one or more others. We try to group riders with a similar level of ability and similar requirements. Groups are limited to four or five riders.

Lead rein ride out

Many riders enjoy riding out of the stables, and we have a short route which our horses are familiar with. Riders are led if required, and supported by side walkers for safety.

Ride and groom

Learn to groom a horse and prepare it for being ridden. Or ride first, then untake and leave him safe and comfortable.

Assisted and non-assisted hacking

Once we have taught our riders the basic skills of walking and trotting, if they are balanced and safe we may be able to arrange for them to hack out, assisted where required by a walker on foot, making it possible for the rider to experience the joy and freedom of riding out in the local woods or parks. For more able riders who have reached proficiency in canter work, it may be possible for them to hack out unassisted with a qualified instructor, once assessed safe to do so – this is a goal that many aim to reach.

Exercise on a horse

For some riding is too physically demanding at the moment, therefore we can offer 1:1 sessions of gentle exercise on a horse. This can range from leading the horse, mounting and dismounting, just sitting on the horse and a variety of stretches on board to give a gentle but very rewarding workout with a difference.

Therapy sessions

For some disabled visitors to the Barnfield it is not just about riding. Just spending supervised time with a horse can be a most enjoyable and rewarding experience. Despite their size, it is in a horse’s nature to be very peaceful, humble, affectionate and kind. It has been extensively demonstrated that horses can play a powerful role in physical and emotional wellbeing.

Therefore we have a specially designed range of activities and sessions for those who do not wish to ride or are unfortunately unable to. We will be happy to discuss these with you.

Horse care lesson – learning how to take care of a horse or pony, from feeding to grooming.

Own a horse or pony day – the opportunity to learn lots more about caring for a horse, as though it was your own. Spend a half or whole day getting involved in a typical day at the stables.

Animal communication – learn how to understand how horses communicate. Horses  constantly display how they feel through their behavior, but we have to be able to interpret those signs. Informative and fun session where you learn to talk horse language!

Emotional healing and relationship building – For some people life is not always easy. The honesty of horses can play a great role in a life where a bridge needs building or crossing. Horses don’t have an agenda, and this humbleness and honesty can give an unexplainable amount of comfort to so many, which is why we facilitate these 1 : 1 sessions.