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Volunteer Newsletter

Barnfield RDA Volunteer Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first newsletter for Barnfield RDA volunteers. 

Each month we will share the following:

  • news and updates from the Stables

  • health and safety

  • fundraising and events

  • volunteer profiles



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  • Dressage event with two of our disabled riders - Saturday  13th July from 2pm at the the stables. A lovely afternoon with a barbeque. 

  • Volunteers are invited to Barnfield RDA drinks and nibbles - Friday 19th of July 12:30pm - 2:30pm at the stables.

  • Barnfield RDA Open Day Saturday 7th September 12pm-4pm. Leaflets to be printed. Marie has temporarily been added as a contact on all 3 RDA whatsapp chats,  and will be using this to give information, request help etc. She will be in touch very soon to request assistance/update on volunteers...who are of course invaluable on the day.

News from the Stables

  • A big thank you to Jess, Di, Marie and Isla, who helped Ann run the Tuesday session on 25 June.  A great example of teamwork across the three volunteer groups.

Health and Safety

Did you know that you can access the RDA's e-learning site via

  • It is a fantastic information hub, providing online training for all volunteers on safeguarding, equine knowledge, disability awareness and plenty more. 

  • It's user friendly and an excellent way to further your knowledge. It only takes a minute to sign up - all you need is an email and a password.

  • The training system starts at the beginning and tracks your progress and every time you sign on you just pick up where you left off with no time constraints or pressures.

Don't forget you can always ask for help and training for any gaps in your knowledge. Patsy is happy to put on training sessions. 

Thank You

Thank you to all the volunteers who supported us at the Ham Polo event last month.  Despite the weather we raised over £2,000!

In the last few month we have received funding from the following trusts - Kingston Charitable Foundation (group classes), The Victoria Foundation (saddles & poles) and Kingston Council....thank you to the Tuesday group whose lessons have been watched by various visitors over the past few months, they have really enjoyed visiting the stables and seeing the RDA classes in action.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any contacts with trusts/foundations/companies etc that you think could support us - Katy (Fundraiser)

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